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We provide a full range of services for promoting websites and companies on the Internet, as well as developing websites from scratch and setting up and maintaining all types of electronic advertising. To do this, the company has 8 departments, it is this division that allows you to carry out all the work very quickly and efficiently.

List of departments of WEDEX agency:

It is the well-coordinated work of all departments that allows us to achieve high results in accordance with our goals. Every year the agency discovers more and more new types of services provided to our clients. Everything is aimed at one thing - to increase sales and customer awareness on the Internet.
Our Story

The agency began its existence in 2013. The first services provided were SEO website promotion (there were no programmers and copywriters in the staff – they were looking for remotely or at the client’s). At that time we were not yet WEDEX. The director of the company with his colleague (both SEO specialists with 4 years of experience) decided to open their own company. This is how GlobalSEO appeared, a few years later the second office of the company was opened, which was named WEDEX. Since the second office grew and expanded at a faster rate, when the offices were merged, the company name remained WEDEX.

When the number of sites that we promote became more than 20, 2 departments were created – copywriters and programmers, in order to improve the quality of work. To expand the scope of services provided, a design development department was created. Around that time, the number of advanced sites exceeded 100. A little later, 2 more departments were created – marketing and contextual advertising. They were created for close cooperation with SEO specialists and designers. It was this that made it possible to promote new sites more effectively (context setting helped), and significantly helped in promoting old sites. The number of projects in progress was already over 150.

Currently, the company employs more than 70 people in 8 departments. We always continue to learn and expand, and every year we increase the number of employees and the list of services provided. In 2017, we were among the first in Ukraine to offer a new service – predictive analytics in SEO (for more details see here).

WEDEX is in the TOP 5 SEO companies in Ukraine according to various ratings.

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